Inheritances and Gifts

The firm offers legal advice and legal assistance in the following areas of inheritance law:

Opening of inheritance and related activities, inventory, assessment of the state and value of the inheritance, declaration of inheritance

Legacy lying, appointment of a curator
Capability and uncapainability to inherit of individuals and companies in in legitimate and testamentary inheritance
Unworthiness to inherit, rehabilitation of individuals
Actions to protect the heir, possessory actions, precautionary actions, inheritance petition, claim action, reduction action, resolution or rescission action of contracts concluded by the deceased, revocation action, surrogate action
Renunciation of inheritance, revocation of the renunciation, forfeiture of the right to renunciation, challenge of the renunciation by creditors
Legitimate inheritance, succession of relatives and surviving spouse, representation, inheritance shares, inheritance vacancy and State inheritance, anomalous inheritance;
Legitimate inheritance, drafting of holographic wills, secret will, simultaneous and consideration will, appeal of the will, denial, complaint of falsehood and application for negative ascertainment for falsehood of the will, erroneous and unlawful reasons in the will, fiduciary provisions, interpretation of testamentary provisions and their appeal for nullity and annulment
Inheritance contra testamentum, legitimate heirs inheritance, damage to legitimate and fictitious reunion, action for reduction and reinstatement of legitimate
Universal and particular inheritance, liability for hereditary debts of heirs and legatees, inheritance in possession by the heir and accession of possession by the legatee, institution of heirship, establishment of legacy (specific, gender, compulsory, alimony), legacy in lieu of legitimate, legacy on behalf of legitimate

Communion and division of inheritance, assignment of the share, pre-emptive right of co-heirs, division of debts and inheritance weights, division of wills, contractual and judicial, collation, appeal of the division

Inheritance in separation and divorce

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