The Law Firm provides legal advice and judicial technical support to both private and companies and professionals in the following activities:

Assistance in negotiations relating to land, real estate operations, properties to be built and under construction for residential, commercial, industrial and tourist use, shopping centers, construction sites, condominiums
Drafting of contracts related to properties, to be built and under construction, such as preliminary, sale, barter, leases, rent to buy, rent to rent, block sales, development, management, financing, partnership, condominium regulations, private agreement, border agreements, rentals of properties for residential, commercial, industrial and tourist use, shopping centers
Assistance at judicial auctions, study of the expert report, analysis of civil, building and urban planning aspects, architectural and environmental constraints, budget of expenses and tax charges, participation in auction on behalf of the client, post-award issues
Assistance and support in lawsuits relating to property such as breach of contract, termination of contracts, withdrawal, delay in delivery, flaws, defects, non- conformities, charges, constraints, easements, professional responsibility in planning or direction of works, compensation damages, withdrawal of the client, financings, cadastral problems, use destination, taxes
Assistance in civil lawsuits, mediations, negotiations and arbitration concerning the protection of real estate such as adverse possession, claims of possession and property, easement, flaws and defects in works, eviction, regulation of borders and pointing of boundary terms, condominium cases, rental suits, evictions, real estate releases, abusive occupations, fire or floods damages
Assistance before Tax Commissions regarding cadastral issues, intended uses, tax calculations, cadastral categories

Assistance in lawsuits relating to bankruptcies, foreclosures, builder or seller liability, contracts and subcontracts, usability, building abuses and crimes, asbestos

Assistance in all real estate transactions, acquisitions and disposals, transactions in individual properties or portfolios, real estate development, financing and real estate leasing
Assistance and consultancy to individuals in disputes with mediators, companies, real estate agencies and professionals
Assistance and consultancy to real estate companies and professionals in sectors relating to cadastral practices, urban planning, environmental and architectural constraints, building and administrative practices, problems with public bodies, municipalities, provinces, territorial agencies, development plans, executive plans, agreements program, contracted construction, building permits, SCIA, CILA and PdCC
Assistance and consultancy for professional liability lawsuits against notaries, real estate agents, technicians, responsibility of professionals in planning or management of works, fees
Assistance in drafting due diligence, real estate appraisals, estimates, subdivision issues, land registry and tax practices
Assistance in real estate development and financing projects for buildings, shopping centers, residential complexes, hotel structures, industrial warehouses
Assistance to real estate trading operators for the optimization of investments

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