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There is a world where people do not let things happen. They make them happen. They do not forget their dreams in the drawer, they hold them tightly in their hands. They throw themselves into the fray, savor the risk, leave their mark. It is a world in which every new day and every new challenge gives the opportunity to create a better future. Who lives in that place, never lives the same day twice, because he knows that it is always possible to improve something.

People, there, feel they belong to that exceptional world as much as it belongs to them. They bring it to life with their work, they model it with their talent. Their values are impressed in an indelible way. Maybe I will not be a perfect world and it’s certainly not easy. No one is sitting on the sidelines and the pace can be frenetic, because these people are passionate — intensely passionate — at what they do. Those d choose to live there are because they believe that taking responsibility gives a deeper meaning to their work and life.

Welcome to that world...


Our law firm has extensive experience in legal assistance, non-contentious and litigation in the following areas:



Credit recovery
Damages restoration

Family law

and Gifts

Real Estate


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Support and advice in non-contentious matters

Support and technical advice in litigation


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New Website Online

The Ferrari Law Firm website is online. The firm carries out specialized activities in real estate law, construction, commercial, tourism, hotel and real estate auctions.

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